Flag Is Symbol Of Those Who Served

To The Reader’s Forum:

Thank you Rev. Mel McGinnis for your recent eloquent support over standing for the Stars and Stripes.

We all need to be reminded that yes, the flag is just a symbol; but a symbol of the humans’ lives, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. Lives given to and buried in this countries dirt at home and abroad. We stand for something — a lot of things! We do not bow down to the flag as the symbolism in the standing salute is to uphold and lift up its principals. The famous statue of Iwo Jima may appear to some that they bowed but in essence they only stooped over from the burden on their shoulders to raise up that flag and all it has to symbolically offer.

We do not bow down to the flag but rather lift up such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for these members of the 50 states and other interests which it represents. We do not bow in worship of them but rather we revel in and salute the privileges contained. Stand and remain standing in support until you can’t anymore! To bow down renders one in a symbolic defenseless position! We stand and cover our heart showing the awe and reverence given to these privileges. Bowing is done in churches when we are in need, want and also when filled with praises.

However, remain alert to the possibility that privileges can be taken away in the blink of an eye, the scratch of a pen, or the click of an assault weapon. They say at the end of worship services “Go in peace!” As a child I used to add, “Go in peace not in pieces!” Forgive my childish sarcastic attempt at humor over such painful and important issues, however, Vietnam was heavy on my heart at the time and there comes a time to stop crying and start speaking out!

Speak out about your concerns — it is your privilege, your right and your duty — but I ask you not to forget all those who went before to afford us these privileges. The commonality of the flag symbol and its salute is the glue that binds us together. Those who bowed during the flag salute had apparently felt it was right for them at that time to do so under the privilege of protest. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to speak my protest and prayerfully hope to help them stand together in the future.

Judy Booth Terhune