Reader Wants Apology To Servicemen Over Kneeling

To The Reader’s Forum:

There are NFL and other sports players that are up in arms about what President Trump said last week as far as saying “wouldn’t it be nice if the NFL owners seen these players kneeling during our national anthem and said get these SOB’s off the field and fire them.” OK, so, the president should be more reserved and not resort to name calling. But on the other hand, what makes you more different or better than me? Is it because you guys are sports stars? Is it because most of you are millionaires? The NFL and other sports teams are a “business”and I know if I was protesting (at work) and causing a disruption (at work) on a weekly basis, I would be fired in a heartbeat. Why should you as players, be any different?

And why in Gods name are you doing it during the National Anthem? When Colin Kaepernick started protesting, it was supposed to be against “police brutality and racial injustice.” So instead of going to the sources, on your own time, he and a lot of other players started doing it on the job. Point is you are punishing our service men and women who died in wars, came back missing arms and legs and came back disfigured because of coming up on IED’s that they didn’t find because of being hidden too well.

Should the president, Jim Kelly, or any other person come to any of you with a problem with what you are doing? NO, you players aren’t going to the sources of your issues either. And until I see an apology not to me but to our servicemen and women, I will no longer watch football or buy anymore jerseys in support of this. As an analogy, if Walmart offended or wronged you, you don’t go to K-mart and protest, you go to the source.

Roy Powell