Reader Is Thankful For Grants To Her Parish

To the Readers Forum:

Our Lady of Loreto Church in Falconer would like to thank the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and the Falconer Region Grant for obtaining grants, including the lighting project grant, to our parish. These grants helped run the Vacation Bible School, helped with the Confirmation Program, several DVD series for adult education, parish socials and faith formation.

The school, rectory, church and outdoor lighting project helped with upgrades and retrofits. Fluorescent fixtures were changed out to LED fixtures saving the church money on electric bills while improving the lighting. Classrooms are much brighter now for our students and it is easier to read the missals and song books in church. Outdated fixtures in the rectory were replaced and lighting around the property was improved to ensure the safety of parishioners as they walked at night and for security purposes. Things are much brighter now at Our Lady of Loreto because of you.

The money from grants like ours comes from people like you who want to see the Falconer community grow. We are grateful to these people and hope others will donate to the Community Foundation in their wills, in memory of someone or because of their interest in the Falconer community, so the Foundation can help others like they did for our church.

All this could not have been done with out the help of the Community Foundation. Thank you again for helping us and the communities in Chautauqua County.

The Rev. Joseph Janaczek,

Pastor of Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Church

Marilyn Wozniak,

Director of Religious Education