Decision To See Artwork Was A Necessary One

To The Reader’s Forum:

I really don’t like to disagree with folks who are friends, and I am really sorry that I missed the library board meeting when the board voted to compete the sale of its art collection. I know that many have heartfelt thoughts about the value of such a collection to the local community, but nonetheless I feel the decision to sell was a necessary one, and I support it.

Is it a good solution? Not really, because it is a stop-gap measure to bide over the financial problems the library faces. The time will come when the funds will run out, and the problem will recur. The permanent solution, it seems to me is to expand the geographical support area for the library. The board has tried that twice, and the proposition failed. It is time to try again. But this time, instead of the board pushing the campaign, there should be a citizens committee made up of representatives from the proposed district – interested people who would be willing to volunteer for the project. The boundaries of the proposed district would be decided upon by the committee, and could range all the way from the first proposal of the enlarged Jamestown school district to the entire region of the Chautauqua – Cataraugus Library system. I admit this last would be a huge undertaking, and would involve the several member libraries, and their municipal sponsors, but it would reduce the spread-out cost of all the libraries to just pennies on the local tax bills.

I hope that there will be some momentum in developing some new ideas to support our very valuable library resources.

Samuel C. Alessi