We Cannot Enforce Smoking Laws

To The Readers’ Forum:

I don’t know why New York state or any other state that has laws on the books regarding public smoking – smoking in restaurants, within certain distances of buildings, etc – can’t enforce them to the fullest extent.

Whether coming out of a store or part of the hospital into a whirlwind of cigarette smoke when smokers are within inches of the doors. Employees at the hospital have at least some decency but at many stores aren’t as kind. Was at a friend’s home not too long ago and noticed an all too familiar scent, faint, but it was still there. Knowing the person has health issues and they don’t smoke, I asked where it was coming from. Of course they had new neighbors that had moved in that smoked.

People need to realize their dirty, nasty habit travels and affects everyone – kids, adults and pets alike, and as such there should be smoke free zones, and if insurers can charge homeowners/landlords more for owning certain breeds of dogs, then so be it for smokers as well. If you rent and smoke, rent should be higher. I am not against smoking – I used to be a smoker too. I decided certain relative’s lives were far more important.

Margaret Sampson