Private, Public Sectors Cooperate To Bring Life To Jamestown

To The Readers’ Forum:

During my daily activities in retirement, I have had the privilege of meeting and dialoguing with many people. Volunteering through RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) has been both a privilege and experience. In my travels, people have expressed their pleasure and disappointment in the development and future life in the Chautauqua region.

Recently I attended a luncheon sponsored by Chautauqua Visitors Bureau for their I-86 volunteers. Mr. Peter Lombardi, Senior Planner, from the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation gave a presentation about the development and potential future of the downtown area of Jamestown. He emphasized how private and public sectors were working together to not only improve and upgrade the physical structure of downtown, but bring “Life” to this part of the city. His presentation revealed how private sector from outside the community was bringing private financial underwriting for various projects such as the Comedy Center. The presentation revealed things that had not been brought to the attention of the community in a way that they could understand.

Again as a member of the Stow Senior Citizens, Inc., I was fortunate to attend the February potluck supper. Mr. Pierre Chagnon, Chautauqua Legislator for District 8 spoke to those in attendance about the history of Chautauqua County governance, responsibilities of the people from the County Executive to the Sheriff, and expenditures and revenues. All of this led into his discussion about the present condition and future development of Chautauqua Lake. Mr. Chagnon talked about the economic impact of the lake to the area, the control of vegetation and weeds, the upgrade and improvement of the North and South Centers sewer districts, inspection of existing septic systems and the completion of the sewer system in the town of North Harmony and surrounding areas.

Like Mr. Lombardi’s program, Mr. Chagnon’s presentation was understandable and to the point. This writer believes that such important items should be presented to the public in whatever media format that is available in order that the residents of the Chautauqua region know the whole story. Through the efforts of the print and vocal media, there will be more understanding and support for what occurs in the Chautauqua region.

Dr. Norman Czubaj