Jamestown Should Get Rid Of Stationary Seating

To The Readers’ Forum:

I would like to know what the purpose is in so many fast food joints nowadays having stationary seating – the kind of seating that’s built into the floor and extremely hard to pull out or into, especially if you’re wheelchair bound or on the plus side.

I was at one of these places with some people from a group home and they had a heck of a time trying to find a place to accommodate three of their wheelchair people because of this and vowed to never go back. If your lobby is too small, then find some way to expand it. Seems like Jamestown is notorious for having inadequately shaped places. One business on Fairmount, the bathroom one could barely fit themselves into, let alone a wheelchair, even if they were skinny. I’ve heard from employees that they hated that place because it was very small, claustrophobic. I notice another business that had stationary seating on Fluvanna that appears to be remodeling, they’ve torn it down and are going to rebuild. I would hope you’re going to be more accommodating and do away with the stationary seating. They should be outlawed.

Frank Casnov