Citizens Are Fed Up With Congress Polarization

To The Readers’ Forum:

It seems that a majority of our citizens are fed up with the political shenanigans of Congress. The stark polarization where they emphasize their differences has paralyzed this legislative body. Instead, too many members issue soundbites to other members, and sometimes use half-truths to stir up the emotions of citizens.

Truly, some in Congress seemed to have set aside to second place their “Pledge to the Flag of the United States” and focused upon their pledge of support to their own political party, whether Republican or Democrat, and a pledge to their own interest in gaining re-election.

This November the election of our new president and the election of Members of Congress (deciding which political party controls the houses of Congress) is vitally important. If the Senate Republicans act as Majority Speaker McConnell announced shortly after Justice Scalia’s death, the new Senate will determine who is to be the new justice. The Supreme Court will then determine the future of some important recent landmark decisions (bearing arms in District of Columbia vs. Heller and campaign funding in Citizens United).

Now we are engaged in the nastiness of state primaries. Many of these candidates for president are turning the process into something that resembles a schoolyard brawl. Dignified? No! Productive? Questionable! Down-right depressing? Yes! Isn’t it time before the next election fiasco in four years to at least ponder election reform?

Today, are we citizens able to help create an atmosphere where our leaders will be willing to sit down and search for ways to find common ground so they can attempt to tackle those many difficult, complex and serious problems facing our country?

We not only can, but we must make this effort, which will take our time and study. I have deep faith in the good common sense of the American people to make wise decisions. We must be very careful whom we select as our next President and members of Congress. The choices we make in November may come back to haunt us all!

Roger Gilbert,