Trust Iran — You Must Be Kidding

To The Readers’ Forum:

Before I was discharged from World World II my bomb group gave me the chance to volunteer for a mission in the South Pacific, an upgrade in rank and pay – I refused. Afterwards I was told they wanted photographers to take pictures of the atomic bomb tests in Eniwetok!! A couple weeks ago I watched part of a re-run with photos of these explosions. Glad I didn’t take them – they were gut wrenching, horrifying, scares the Hell out of you! That is as close as I ever want to witness it.

I served in the Air Corps after British Prime Minister Chamberlain signed the agreement with Dictator Hitler that ensured “Peace in Our Time.” Surprise, Hitler lied and the worst war in history began.

Today Obama and his administrators are trying to reach the same sort of agreement with another dictator who has vowed to wipe Israel “from the face of the earth.” How? Kill all Americans – how? The supreme leader of Iran, the Ayatollah is an Islamic dictator and, no man of peace or religion. We were not sure how far Hitler would go but with the Ayatollah we know exactly. The above punctuated with beheadings of Christians leaves little doubt.

We become adults as the result of our environment, associations, parents and family interaction. As teenagers we have minimal control. Recent events, theater killings, murders, bombings are excused or explained the result of “bad parenting, the economy, someone else’s fault, the poor environment.” Maybe we should examine the background of some of our leaders to possibly explain their actions and decisions. Take Obama. Here are some observations.

Obama’s father was born in Kenya, Muslim and a Communist. Barack was educated by parents, attended a Muslim school among Muslim students which influenced his environment. His father deserted his mother who then lived in Hawaii with his grandmother. Obama attended the best schools, is well educated and moved to Chicago to become a community organizer. He rapidly learned the politics of the state where the last three governors served prison time. Among his friends, Ayers (Pentagon bomber) and a pastor (Christian?) who rather than “God Bless America”. Preached “God Damn America”. All this time they all were being paid and subsidized by taxpayers through government programs or as university professors.

Under such horrible conditions growing up can we excuse Barak Obama? This time I may have sprinkled my opinion with some facts!!

Leo Wilcox