What’s It Going To Take To Reform ‘Illegal’ Immigration

To the Readers’ Forum:

In response to a recent letter on ”GOP should soften stance on immigration,” a key word was left out – ”Illegal.” If you enter this country illegally it means you broke the law. Beyond that, thousands of illegals have been arrested for assault, robbery, rape and even murder, and then released by ICE. If we treat these people with compassion, what about our homegrown criminals? If someone steals your car that someone might just need a better car. Show compassion? If someone breaks into your house an steals your money, they might just need it to buy food for their family. Show compassion?

Besides the millions of illegal aliens filling our emergency rooms and jails what about the millions of dollars of illegal drugs crossing our border? Is it going to take a terrorist with a suitcase nuclear bomb crossing the border to wake up the government to do the right thing and close the border? I certainly hope not.

Jim Smith

West Ellicott