God Bless The Folks Of Ellington

To The Readers’ Forum:

The Color Guard Unit of the Chautauqua County Sons of the American Revolution was awarded first place at the recent parade in Ellington. Our thanks to Ellington for this honor. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

As we strolled down past the reviewing stand, parade watchers were asked to salute or place their hands over their hearts in honor of all those who served in defense of our country. Thus, we represented something much greater than ourselves. Ellington folks possess the powerful attributes of a patriotic, country-loving, Philadelphia love, for which we are deeply grateful. Something wonderful and vibrant is still alive in America.

The people of our group enjoy our camaraderie and enjoy greeting people along the parade route with all sorts of commentary, some constituting very tall tales!

My heartfelt thanks and a salute to my comrades, SAR members, family members and friends – Ashley, Addison, Celia (our Oneida princess), Don Hall, Jeff Crossley, Tom Newton, Alba Arters, Barb White, Ben Lewis and Jim White (our rifle-salute man). It takes a certain amount of commitment, loyalty and dedication to stay the course with a number of parades during the year. Thanks, guys.

God bless the leaders and folks of Ellington!

Doug Arters


SAR member