Get Over The Parking Issue

To The Readers’ Forum:

As a resident of Mayville, New York, I would sincerely like to see an end to the negative activity regarding the parking issue between the Mayville Diner and the Sweet Spot.

The facts are that Chautauqua County sold the two buildings on the corner of North Erie Street and West Chautauqua Street along with the surrounding parking lot four years ago. The Mayville Diner owners, staff, and its patrons had the privilege of parking on county property for decades. That parking lot is not large enough to serve two popular restaurants. Therefore, the Sweet Spot, as the lot owners, have the right to restrict their lot for the use of their employees and customers. The Diner owners have now purchased property from the town of Chautauqua, built a parking lot on this property and installed a new entrance to the building for their customers to use.

Therefore, the issue has been resolved and for those people who are continuing to “stir the pot” on social media, behaving publicly in a hateful manner, I ask you to “get over it”. You have made your point and have now become an embarrassment to our community. Please put this issue to rest and let the two restaurants get back to their business of happily serving their customers who would like to dine in peace.

Sharon Smead