Creating A Citizen Advisory Committee Is Right Move To Make

It was interesting to read that County Executive George Borrello wants to create a citizen advisory committee that consist of people who aren’t involved in government entities.

The group had been created as of mid-December, though it had yet to meet.

“These people are not normally connected to county government. They’re active in their community, but not regularly engaged in government,” he said. “This group of people, there’s going to be 12 people on the panel, are going to meet and I’m going to approach them with ideas and initiatives to ask them their honest opinion to get their feedback. It will give me an opportunity to hear from a part of the community that I don’t often hear from. In government, you get caught up listening to people in government, who have an active relationship in government. We don’t often hear from people who don’t have a direct access to government. I want to hear from them to make better informed decision.”

Such advisory groups aren’t exactly new, but they are a good idea. Borrello is absolutely right when he says government can too often approach problems with solutions that make things easier for government rather than easier for the people it governs. It’s good to have a group of people at arm’s length from the policy-making branch to give advice. The more public engagement the better. It’s a good rule of thumb for all levels of government.