Good Intentions Can Lead To Misguided Policy

Chautauqua County has seen two drowning deaths in the past two weeks.

Both are tragedies that left families and friends heartbroken and searching for answers. Such is the case with every accidental death. Sometimes, our search for answers leads us into misguided policy like the one proposed last week by U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York and Senate minority leader.

Schumer unveiled a report that shows the number of drownings involving toddlers in the U.S. has increased in recent years, with young boys dying at twice the rate of girls. Schumer is calling on the federal government to take steps to help prevent drowning deaths by having the Centers for Disease Control develop a program to inform parents about the dangers that swimming pools and waterways pose to toddlers, especially boys.

Any parent who needs such guidance from the federal government when it comes to pools and waterways might be lacking a little common sense. The best way to prevent such instances is to make sure an adult is with children, particularly toddlers, at all times when they are near open water and that the adult is paying strict attention as the children splash around. A quick glance at a smart phone or a quick trip from the front yard to the back yard could be tragic. Do we really need big brother to tell us this?

Schumer’s heart is in the right place, but ultimately, this effort is a waste of time and taxpayer money, especially when there are numerous parent resources already available. Just browse the internet and search for parental educational resources. One would find many resources at, for example.

Schumer should stop wasting his time on this and move on. Frankly, we’re surprised the senator hasn’t blamed President Donald Trump for these accidents.