Despite Differences, Cuomo Has Not Forgotten Our County

It is interesting that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign finance reports barely mention Chautauqua County at all.

It shows the governor doesn’t need Chautauqua County to get re-elected, a fact we already knew from past elections. It also shows at least one positive about the governor — even though he doesn’t need us, he hasn’t forgotten Chautauqua County when it comes to doling out state money.

Jamestown was awarded a $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant. The National Comedy Center has been given millions of dollars in state grants over the years, and prior to the comedy center taking ownership of the building the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Station renovation was given state money too. Jamestown also has received a state grant to combat poverty. Dunkirk, meanwhile, was handed the Athenex plant and the jobs and investment that will come with it and, even though many argue that Cuomo’s policies made repowering the NRG power plant unlikely, the governor was an outspoken advocate for the repowering project.

We don’t always agree with the governor’s policies, many of which make life harder on businesses or are an affront to our fairly rural values, but county residents can’t say the governor has forgotten or forsaken Jamestown and the rest of Chautuaqua County either.