Schneiderman’s Funds Should Be Disbursed

State Sen. Catharine Young and six fellow members of the Senate Republican Women’s Caucus raise an interesting point — what should happen to the campaign bank accounts of disgraced politicians?

It is one thing for politicians to return donations from people like Harvey Weinstein, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo did earlier this year after sexual abuse allegations surfaced against Weinstein. What should happen, though, in the case of Eric Schneiderman, Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos or Eliot Spitzer, to name just a few of the New York political elite who have resigned their positions after they were either indicted in corruption scandals or mistreating women. The money can no longer be used for its intended purpose to support the now-disgraced politician nor do most politicians want to accept such money if it is received from a colleague who has been tainted by scandal.

Young and fellow Republican senators Betty Little, Patty Ritchie, Kathy Marchione, Sue Serino, Elaine Phillips and Pam Helming want to see the money donated toward programs that help the victims of domestic violence. It would be a fitting use for the $8.5 million sitting in Schneiderman’s campaign fund. Let at least a little good come from Schneiderman’s downfall.