Falling Crime Rate A Good Sign For Jamestown’s Future

It is good to see the sizeable decrease in violent and property crimes in 2017 in Jamestown.

Harry Snellings, Jamestown police chief and public safety director, told members of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee that violent crime — which includes murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault — decreased 10.4 percent in 2017 when compared to 2016 while the 2017 violent crime numbers decreased 7.7 percent when compared to five-year averages from 2012-16. The decreases are even more stark for property crime, which were 17.5 percent lower in 2017 and 22.9 percent lower than the average of the last five years. The city’s crime rate of 33.9 was the lowest in the past 25 years. The crime rate was 40.6 percent in 2016, 39.7 in 2015 and 47.8 in 2014.

The falling crime rate is good news for everyone. The decrease in crime means there are fewer people who have been robbed, had their car broken into or who have been assaulted.

Making Jamestown a safer place is a wonderful accomplishment, but we also must remember that this large decrease is only one year. Jamestown’s reputation for crime should still be a concern in a city that is trying to attract new business and people to buy homes and strengthen neighborhoods. Snellings’ recent report to the City Council is a good start down that path.