Govt. Shutdown Put Bureaucracy’s Dysfunction On Display

Some in the media were blaming the current government “shutdown” on “dysfunction” in the U.S. Senate. That really is not the case. The Senate was functioning just fine — but many of its Democrats had decided to use the shutdown for political purposes.

On the other hand, the temporary suspension of some federal functions is a display of another kind of dysfunction — in the bureaucracy.

Exhibit A was the government’s decision to close the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to tourists. New York Gov. Andre Cuomo, a Democrat, stepped in, saying the two attractions simply could not be closed. The state of New York would provide the $65,000 a day needed to keep them open, Cuomo said.

And, he added, that would cost New Yorkers nothing. Revenue from the two sites would more than offset costs.

Money was not a problem for the two attractions then. The federal government could have kept them open, had bureaucrats chosen to do so.

And they wonder why we call it “the swamp.”