Community Comes Together Once Again

Our community has come together once again when faced with adversity.

We shouldn’t be surprised — it’s just what we do.

Sunday’s fire in Falconer was a scene no one wanted to see repeating itself. When the fire sirens rang, first responders from throughout southern Chautauqua County rushed into the village to douse the flames. Falconer Central School opened its doors to the 11 people who find themselves homeless in the fire’s aftermath. Honest John’s donated food to the families while the Salvation Army began its temporary assistance work. GoFundMe pages and clothing drives had begun before the last flame had been extinguished.

It will be some time before things return to normal, something Falconer residents know all too well. The village still hasn’t returned to normal after last year’s fire that consumed a block of Falconer’s downtown. Rubble and debris still remain on Main Street. Businesses that had just found permanent locations after the 2017 fire in Falconer now will have to move again. Employees who were just finding a sense of normalcy find themselves in a state of uncertainty once again.

Those who have already donated and pitched in to help should be commended. We’re sure more of our community’s generosity will be needed in the coming days and weeks to help those affected by Sunday’s fire. That may mean donations, fundraisers or temporary homes for displaced businesses. There is no doubt in our mind, whatever the need is, our community will find a way to fill it.