Carrubba Deserves Credit For Discussion

We have been critical of the City Council for too often filling agendas with routine matters and too rarely discussing matters of importance.

We are glad to see, then, news from the Jan. 22 meeting, the first under the direction of Marie Carrubba, D-Ward 4 and new council president, that the Public Safety Committee had a lengthy discussion of crime rates and statistics generated by the Jamestown Police Department. Given that the chairperson of the committee hasn’t changed, credit must be given to Carrubba for making sure the discussion took place.

For years, the Public Safety Committee has largely been a committee where special event applications are decided, bell jar licenses, towing rate cards and other mundane, but necessary, items were discussed. Most of the requests that come before the committee are pretty routine. It is little wonder the public largely stopped attending committee meetings. Regular, public discussions with Snellings and leadership of the Jamestown Fire Department can be vital opportunities to disseminate information to the public. That’s exactly what happened last week, apparently due in no small part to Carrubba.

We hope it continues.