Time Is Now To Discuss Merger

Almost a year ago in this space, we asked Clymer and Panama residents to be patient and not make any rash decisions about a proposed merger of the two districts until more information was available.

All that was available at the time was hearsay and conjecture, not hard information, about things like bus rides and building uses. On Tuesday, the information the public needs to make an informed decision becomes available.

The boards will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Clymer Student Performance Center to receive a completed centralization feasibility study. The study’s findings will be discussed and members of the public will have an opportunity to ask questions of the consultants who prepared the document. The districts will also post the study to their websites and have hard copies available in district offices so district residents can digest its findings before additional presentations in both districts over the next several months.

Members of both the Clymer and Panama communities have been invested in the merger discussion process thus far. We hope all residents of both districts who haven’t been as involved in the process take this opportunity to have their questions answered now that the centralization feasibility study is complete. Attend Tuesday’s meeting. Download the feasibility study. Ask questions. Insist on answers.