Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs up to three foundations who have contributed $3.2 million toward renovations at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts. Thus far, the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation has contributed $1.5 million, the Gebbie Foundation has contributed $900,000 and the Lenna Foundation has contributed $850,000. The $4 million project will include moving the 3rd on 3rd Gallery from the third floor down to the street level to provide a visual bookend, paired with a coffee bar on the other side, that will help people to realize that the center consists of more than just the theater in the middle. Other additions include larger office spaces, upgrades to the WRFA studios, and the construction of a multi-media, pre-performance space — which would include a library — on the second floor of the Swanson building. The Reg Lenna Center for the Arts renovation project will provide a bookend to the construction happening on the west end of Third Street and ideally create the type of atmosphere in which people walk from one end of downtown to the other — popping in to spend money in shops and restaurants in between.

Thumbs down to a reported meth lab in an apartment house on Sixth Street. On Thursday, Jamestown police officers and firefighters responded to a report of smoke coming from the property. They arrived to find no fire, just a working meth lab. Conditions in the home were so bad, according to a Jamestown Police Department report, the home was condemned for multiple housing violations and extreme health risk as the apartment was also found to contain hundreds of discarded needles strewn all over the apartment and attic. It is bad enough for people to make meth in a single-family home and put their neighbors at risk. It is even worse to make meth in rental unit with other people living in an adjoining apartment.

Thumbs up to a continuing tradition that brings Russian teachers to Western New York to experience a slice of the lives we enjoy every day. On Friday, the Perm Mission Network hosted its 17th annual dinner and program to raise money to help the program continue another year. To date, around 100 teachers from the area of Perm, Russia, have visited the area. They typically visit Houghton College, New York City, Washington, D.C., Niagara Falls and various Jamestown-area sites. Kudos to all those locally, including Susan Hice, for keeping this worthy program in existence.