Improved Vetting During Trump’s Travel Ban Will Increase Border Security

President Donald Trump’s order banning travel to this country by citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries certainly could have benefited from more planning. For example, denying re-entry to travelers who resided here, then left the United States intending to return within days or weeks may not have been wise.

But Trump’s rationale makes enormous sense. Overlooked, perhaps intentionally, by critics of his order is the fact that the seven affected countries are hotbeds of terrorist activity. They are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. For years, efforts to ensure would-be terrorists from those nations do not infiltrate our country have been lacking.

Improving the “vetting” process during Trump’s temporary suspension is important and should improve homeland security.

The sooner that can be done — and harmless travelers from the affected countries can be welcomed — the better.