Refreshing To Hear Trump Speak Honestly

To The Reader’s Forum:

Despite the graciousness displayed by Barack Obama during Inauguration day, Senator Chuck Schumer resorted to the divisive language of identity-politics, speaking division into America. Speaking into unity, President Trump spoke to all of us as simply Americans, “If there is patriotism in your heart, there is no room for racism.”

After eight years of putting up with fuzzy, lame, politically-correct word games, it was refreshing to hear the new Chief Executive use honest, accurate, and forthright terms to exactly name the external threat we’re up against: “radical Islamic terror.”

Trump made lofty promises, but that said, he put America first, not only for our economy but also in foreign policy. Not imposing our will on everyone else in the world means being the champion of our own border-protected freedom and not a global nation-builder of democracy. Simply being an example as a prosperous free republic and a light for liberty to others is enough!

January 20, 2017, wasn’t merely an exercise of transferring power from one person to another or even one party to another. It was a transfer of power in Trump’s own words, “from Washington to the people.” In the spirit of the 10th Amendment, that kind of transfer is exactly what our Constitution requires. That transfer expressed trust not in the entrenched Washingtonian establishment, but in the American people. Though I can understand people’s skepticism of Trump’s faith, he yet pointed the nation to ultimately trust God for protection. That trust in God couldn’t have been better demonstrated than in the brevity of his speech and his deference to the prominence of prayer.

When the leftist media in 2008 deemed the inaugural of Obama as almost messianic, Chris Matthews of MSNBC said that Trump and America First sounded “Hitlerian.” That’s as ludicrous as women wearing genitalia costumes at the “I-want-to-blow-up-the-White House” march and waving “Love trumps hate” signs while gleefully cheering the vulgarities and expletives spewed at the President from Madonna and Ashley “I’m-a-nasty-woman” Judd. The national progressive media normalizes this nonsense in addition to ignoring the hypocrisy of the march’s demand for tolerance, diversity and equality as pro-life feminist groups were dis-invited from the march.

Consistent, though, with his faith, Franklin Graham offering a benediction at the inaugural prayed that we follow the scriptural admonition for interceding for those who lead us that we may live godly and peaceful lives. AMEN to that!

The Rev. Mel McGinnis