Partnership Can Help Accomplish Long-Held Goals

We’re not sure why it hadn’t happened yet, but it’s good to see that the Jamestown Riverfront Management Council is interested in joining the Chautauqua Lake and Watershed Management Alliance.

Bill Stevenson, Jamestown Riverfront Management Council president, recently spoke to members of the city Board of Public Utilities board about having the BPU’s Strategic Planning Committee join the alliance as well because there are joint beneficial projects both started and planned that would help to facilitate and expand opportunities for the city, BPU and the alliance.

”The (council) believes the BPU and the city of Jamestown share a common interest and is directly connected by the Chadakoin River through its environs and Warner Dam through its management with Chautauqua Lake and its watershed,” Stevenson said.

The Chautauqua Lake & Watershed Management Alliance already has 29 members, including municipalities, river and lake advocacy organizations, area sewer districts, business member organizations, county government and other area organizations who rely on the health of Chautauqua Lake. The alliance has already accomplished much in its short existence – but perhaps its greatest accomplishment is gathering such a diverse group of voices and interests into one place.

Outside consultants have said for years Jamestown must do a better job of using its connection to the water, both the Chadakoin River and Chautauqua Lake. Perhaps membership of the Jamestown Riverfront Management Council and BPU Strategic Planning Committee in the Chautauqua Lake & Watershed Management Alliance can help accomplish this long-held goal.