American Resolve Shines Bright In Face Of Terror

Terrorism never really goes away.

It sits, festering, inside the minds of madmen until it bubbles to the surface in incidents like Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon. As we have been reminded so recently in Newtown or in Aurora, Colo., disturbed people will do whatever they can to do harm to others. Madmen with a plan can accomplish the unthinkable. Trying to understand their thinking is a never-ending exercise in futility.

Terror is a peril that can never truly be eradicated. As much as we try to be vigilant, as much as we try to have better and smarter security measures, terrorists who want to do damage will find a way.

Our nation has flaws, but it shines when confronted with adversity. Boston on Monday was no exception. We’ve all heard stories of runners who ran from the finish line to a hospital to donate blood to help victims of the attack. Dozens upon dozens of spectators and runners ran toward the explosions, not knowing what could happen next, to help victims. Boston residents opened their homes to those who couldn’t get out of the city after Boston was locked down.

We take care of our own in times of crisis. We forget our political divisions, our regional rivalries, our religious differences and our occasional bouts of selfishness because we feel an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

That sort of resolve, resilience and compassion is the best response as our nation moves forward. We will learn from Monday’s attacks ways to be smarter about having such large public events. We will all be more vigilant about reporting things that seem out of place. We will be better prepared to lessen the impact the next time terrorism strikes. Make no mistake about it, there will be a next time.

Until then we will continue, without overreaction or paranoia, our daily lives – just as we have every time terrorism has reared its ugly head.

It’s the American way.