Move To November Election Is The Right Choice

Elections will be held Tuesday for mayors, trustees and justices in 12 Chautauqua County villages.

That’s 12 too many, in our opinion.

Of the county’s 15 villages, Mayville has no candidates up for election, Fredonia’s elections were held Monday and Celoron’s take place in November. Unfortunately, most other villages haven’t followed Celoron’s lead.

All village elections should be held on Election Day. The March village election tradition needs to end as soon as possible, and residents of one village have the chance to make that happen Tuesday.

Falconer will have a ballot proposition asking voters for permission to move village elections to November in 2015. There are a couple of reasons why voters should make the change happen.

First, their village will save money. According to the county Board of Elections, Falconer residents paid $457.36 in 2012 for a spring election. Sure, that’s not a lot of money for the village, but it’s still a waste of taxpayer dollars. On Tuesday, three candidates will be running unopposed for trustee positions. The village will spend hundreds of dollars so residents can participate in an election that has already been decided. We’re guessing the turnout won’t be great.

Besides, when most people think elections, they think November, and why shouldn’t they? That’s when elections are supposed to be held – not in March. Voter turnout for village elections is likely to improve if people were already planning to head to the polls.

As Falconer residents should, Fredonia voters made their voices heard on their election day. They overwhelmingly supported a proposition to move their elections to November by a vote of 738 to 21.

We hope Falconer residents will make the same move Tuesday and that other villages follow suit. It’s about time.