Glory Of A Promise Kept

Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet in Western New York, but we know it will.

Crops and green grass will grow. Flowers will bloom. It is the circle of life.

Today, Easter Sunday, Christians are reminded of a much more profound instance of new life.

We celebrate a time two millennia ago when Jesus Christ was crucified, was dead and interred – but rose again. The resurrection was the fulfillment of a promise made to followers of the Son of God. During his time on Earth he performed many miracles and convinced many people to follow him.

Many, including some of his most staunch supporters, had doubts. Certainly, they thought, he was a great man. But could he really conquer death?

He did, heralded by three simple words pronounced by an angel – He is risen.

Easter is a relatively low-key holiday, at least in comparison to Christmas. But for those who believe, there is no more important day in the year.

It is a time when we pause to reflect that our faith rests solely on what seemed to many in the time of Christ to be a fantastic promise. But the glory of this day – of the Christian faith – is that the promise was kept.

Happy Easter.