Jamestown Police Warn Of Phone Scam

The Jamestown Police Department is warning the public of a phone scam involving someone claiming to be with the Board of Public Utilities seeking money.

The scam was reported Wednesday around 9:15 a.m. by the owner of a business who said someone claiming to be a BPU representative called to say the business owned “a large sum of money.”

The alleged representative said if the debt was not paid in cash at a specific location, the service to the business would be shut off.

The BPU confirmed it had not contacted the business — which was in good standing — and notified police it does not collect payments in that manner.

“If any individual or business receives a suspicious phone call in a similar nature to call the Jamestown Police Department or Jamestown BPU help line,” the JPD said in a press release. The BPU can be reached at 661-1660.