PA Man Sentenced To State Prison For May Assault On State Trooper

WARREN, Pa. — A Pittsfield man who pled to charges stemming from an assault on a state trooper is headed to state prison.

Jeremy L. Paden was sentenced on Friday by President Judge Maureen Skerda to a combined sentence of 26 months to 52 months in state prison from the May incident.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, a trooper responded to a call of a suspicious person in the area of Bull Hill Road, Freehold Township, at 7:41 a.m. Tuesday, May 10.

According to the caller, the man was “hitting his front door and yelling for help.” The trooper then interviewed a man who owns a neighboring property.

The man the trooper had interviewed first called back and said he had just seen the suspicious man in the woods. Two troopers looked for the man in the woods, and found Paden at about 10 a.m.

“Paden refused to obey verbal commands,” police said. When they attempted to restrain him, Paden allegedly resisted them, cursed them, and “insisted that he did nothing wrong.”

Officers said Paden was then Tased with no effect. While officers tried to restrain Paden, one suffered a sprained ankle.

Paden, who said he was high on methamphetamine at the time of the incident, allegedly repeatedly tried to bite the trooper who was trying to handcuff him.

His attorney, Elizabeth Feronti, told the court the Paden is intelligent and reasonable but “a completely different person” when not sober. She said Paden has “been in and out of jail a good chunk of his adult life,” currently serving a sentence at SCI Albion.

First Assistant District Attorney Caleb Gnage said one just needs to look at this case “to see the effect of meth.”

“He’s lucky he didn’t freeze to death,” Gnage said.

He enumerated Paden’s prior record, including aggravated assault in 2013 and assault of police in Ohio in 2014.

Skerda told him that it is “apparent you’ve had some issues in your life” fueled by methamphetamine use.Paden didn’t address the court when given an opportunity to do so.

Skerda sentenced him to 12-24 months in state prison on a count of simple assault, as well as $306.85 in restitution, $1,425 in fines and fees and was deemed boot camp eligible. On a count of resisting arrest, he was sentenced to 8-16 months and an additional 6-12 months on a count of disorderly conduct.

Skerda ordered the sentences to be served consecutively.