Court Adjourned For City Firefighter Charged With Growing Marijuana

ELLERY – A Jamestown firefighter accused of growing marijuana plants will appear in Ellery Court on Feb. 14 at 6 p.m.

James A. Gatto, 58, was originally scheduled for a court appearance Tuesday, but his case was adjourned.

According to an Ellery Court official, the new court date is tentative since Gatto’s case may be moved to the county level.

Gatto was allegedly found growing marijuana on a property off of Bemus Ellery Road on Oct. 26. Police said the amount of marijuana seized met the threshold to constitute a felony charge.

He was charged with unlawfully growing marijuana — a class A misdemeanor — and third-degree criminal possession of marijuana — a class E felony.

Gatto, a lieutenant and 29-year member of the Jamestown Fire Department, has since been placed on administrative leave pending court proceedings, according to Chet Harvey, Jamestown deputy fire chief.