Problem Solver

Molinaro Says Governor Turned Back On Upstate

Inside the Northwest Arena, Marc Molinaro, Republican candidate for New York state Governor, held a campaign event Friday. Joined by fellow Republicans from across the state and Chautauqua County, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s challenger pitched to local residents why he is better fit for the governor’s position. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

Marc Molinaro, Republican challenger for New York state governor, hopped on stage in Jamestown in front of podium that read, “Cuomo’s Got To Go.”

Molinaro is challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo to be the next governor of the state. He spoke to an audience gathered inside the Northwest Arena, despite a small crowd of people outside sporting Larry Sharpe for governor signs. Sharpe is the Libertarian candidate running for governor against Cuomo and Molinaro. The remaining ballot includes Howie Hawkins, green party, and Stephanie Miner, serve America movement.

Molinaro was introduced multiple times by Congressman Tom Reed, state Sen. Cathy Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell who praised the man at the top of the republican ticket.

Much of Molinaro’s address was in offensive mode attacking the current governor and his policies and honing in on the idea that Cuomo has forgotten about counties like Chautauqua County.

“We criss-crossed upstate New York reminding people that this is actually part of New York and, in fact, its time we had a governor and a government that listened to people like Cathy Young and Joe Giglio (Assemblyman for 148th District) and Andy Goodell,” Molinaro said.

He called for more attention to New York residents who don’t live in New York City.

Molinaro criticized Cuomo’s alleged lack of representation in non-New York City regions of the state.

“For the last eight years, I’m sorry, but this governor has turned his back on upstate New York,” Cuomo’s challenger said.

Molinaro said New York is the highest taxed state in America. According to, the state ranks first in total tax burden at 13.04 percent. Hawaii ranks second at 11.57 percent. He blamed Cuomo.

Molinaro described politicians as being in two categories: a problem solver or a problem maker. He said the likes of Goodell, Young and Reed were all problem solvers. As for Molinaro’s opponent, he was placed in the problem maker category.

“More people leave New York to other states more than nearly any other states in America. There’s only one (state) that leads us and its Alaska. And yes, in the case of Alaska it is likely the weather,” Molinaro said in reference a comment Cuomo made about New Yorkers leaving the state due to the weather.

Alaska is ranked last in terms of highest total tax burden in the country.

Molinaro encouraged those in the audience to encourage others to vote in order to take the state back from Cuomo – a message the was shared by many of the Republicans who spoke at the rally.

“After eight years of (Cuomo) we have to wonder, when do we get our government back from somebody who actually thinks he’s the government?” he said in reference to Cuomo stating he was in fact the government during a radio interview in 2011. Cuomo later clarified his statements and said his claim was in reference to the executive branch of the state.

“The people of the state of New York are the government and on Nov. 6 we’re taking it back,” Molinaro said.

Molinaro compared Cuomo to the King of England after interacting with him during one of the gubernatorial debates. In reference to the debate, he said Cuomo talked about President Donald Trump more than he discussed policy or even Molinaro, himself.

Cuomo has represented the state as governor since 2010. The last Republican governor to hold office was George Pataki who served from 1995-2006.

“He was a problem solver, George Pataki,” Molinaro said. “He came to upstate New York and he said this, ‘if we show up, we win.'”

The same sentiment was shared by Molinaro on Friday. He told the audience that if they showed up to the voting booth, a Republican would be the next governor of New York.