No More Soft Serve

Tastee Corners Building Will Be Demolished

Plans are being made to demolish the Tastee Corners located at the Southside Plaza along Foote Avenue. The owners of the building, who also own the Southside Plaza, are working with city officials on plans for a new building to be built at the same location. P-J photo by Dennis Phillips

A beloved community location will be no more soon as plans are in motion to demolish the Tastee Corners & Cafe.

Salim Sarvaiya, Southside Pharmacy owner and co-partner in the ownership of the Southside Plaza in Jamestown, said plans are are being made to demolish the former Tastee Corners building once a permit is issued by city officials.

He said they will construct a new building at the same location, with probably enough space for three businesses. He added that is still to be determined how large the building will be as plans are being analyzed by city officials.

Kim Carlson of Robo Enterprises, owner of the Tastee Corners business, said they own the business and the equipment, but they lease the building from the owners of the Southside Plaza.

She said last spring she received a letter from an attorney for Southside Plaza officials that Robo Enterprises needed to be out of the building by Oct. 31 and that their lease would not be continued.

“They felt the building was an eyesore,” Carlson said. “They have been telling us for years they were going to tear it down one of these days. There really isn’t that much space there so we never thought they would go through with it. Salim (Sarvaiya), and his partner from Canada, they want to put some type of a strip mall in to add more retail business. I don’t know how they will have room to do it at that end of the plaza.”

Carlson said the news that Robo Enterprises had to move out of the building has been tough to deal with as she has operated the business for 11 years and has fond memories as a child of the business, which started in 1953.

“It’s very bittersweet. When I was in high school, it was my first job,” she said. “I would work double shifts. I wanted to get as any hours as I could. Each season I told the kids when they started that they were going to learn how to work and then take this work ethic out into the real world. To come back so many years later (as the operator of Tastee Corners) and to see the parents tell stories about when they worked there. People who’ve moved away from here (visit Tastee Corners) as part of their trip home. It was a place to make memories.”

Carlson said Robo Enterprises still owns the name of the business and could possibly restart Tastee Corners at a new location.

“You never know,” she said.