Village Receives Property Deeds To Begin Debris Cleanup

Deeds to two properties destroyed in a fire last year have been received by the village of Falconer. Debris removal can now move forward. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

FALCONER — The village of Falconer now possesses the deeds to two properties destroyed in a March 2017 fire that will allow officials to move forward with debris cleanup.

On Monday, Greg Peterson, village attorney, informed the Board of Trustees that the village assumed ownership of the properties from the previous owners to move forward with the cleanup. Falconer is working with the Chautauqua County Land Bank to help provide funding for the debris removal.

“We are title owners to the two properties where the debris is located,” Peterson said.

The village attorney said the Land Bank would only move forward with the removal when the village possessed the deeds to the properties. “That has been triggered,” Peterson said.

Peterson said the city of Jamestown will coordinate with the Land Bank to ensure the completion of the cleanup, which includes the subcontracting with Jim Rauh Enterprises, LLC for the actual removal. Once permits to remove the asbestos have been issued the process can begin.

“They’re hoping that within the next couple of weeks the contractors … will commence and we’ll see some action,” Peterson said.

Peterson was optimistic there would be positive news to report to the board by next month regarding the debris removal. He said all agencies involved are now working on scheduling the removal.

“There’s a process, but it’s now moving because we have the deeds,” he added.

Two separate fires brought down structures in the downtown area. The first fire on March 22, 2017, was determined to be arson. The cause of the second one, on Jan. 14, 2018, could not be determined. Debris from the second fire has since been cleaned up.

Landfill credits were given to the village from Poland, Ellington, Gerry, Celoron and Carroll to help with the removal of debris.