JCC Capital Construction Project Close To Completion

The Jamestown Community College $5 million capital project is on schedule to be completed by the spring semester next year. The Sheldon Building, previously known as the Music and Arts Center, was given renovations and a 3,000 square foot addition. P-J photos by Jordan W. Patterson

The Jamestown Community College $5 million capital project that began in May is close to being completed and is set to be ready before the spring semester.

Michael Martello, vice president of administration at JCC, said the construction was brought on to make the Isabella M. and Ralph C. Sheldon Building, formerly known as the Arts and Sciences Center, more “contemporary.” The name was changed recently to give commemoration to the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation, who donated $1.1 million to the project.

The state provided $2.5 million and Chautauqua County accounted for $1,125,000 of the total costs. “We identified a need. We wanted to upgrade and enhance our music department because the area itself is pretty rich in culture,” Martello said. “We thought it was a very natural thing to do to be able to enhance our music department to be able to support the culture that surrounds us.”

Martello said renovations were implemented to advance the music program as the building was in need of upgrades to support an expanding program. The project is expected to make way for new and renovated areas for classroom, studio, rehearsal and performance uses. Among the new spaces for the music department includes an enhanced studio, a piano lab and a small rehearsal room.

Additionally, music equipment will be upgraded to fit the modern music industry.

The former Arts and Sciences Center at JCC has been changed to the Isabella M. and Ralph C. Sheldon Building. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

In March, the JCC board of trustees approved the creation of an associate degree in science in music industry. At the time, Marilyn Zagora, vide president of academic affairs, and Maria Kindberg, dean of arts, humanities and health sciences, presented to the board the new program. The understanding was that the program was being created at an ideal time when the music facilities were being upgraded.

According to Zagora and Kindberg, the music industry degree will benefit greatly from the project. Within the scope of the renovations and construction will be a new state-of-the-art recording studio and control room.

The new music industry program will complement the fine arts music program and the business program while also pulling from the media arts program and communications program, Kindberg said.

As for the ongoing project itself, Martello said the renovations to the old building were mostly complete before classes began. He said the facility was functional for students to use. The new addition is scheduled to be up and running by the time students return from winter break. The project also addressed various infrastructure needs regarding air conditioning and roofing.

“Everything’s on schedule,” Martello said. “Right now, (construction) has been pretty smooth.”

Clark Patterson Lee was hired as the architecture firm and the general contractors are Perry Construction, Citadel Services, Ahlstrom Schaeffer Electric Corporation, Jamestown Roofing and Mazza Mechanical Services.

The 3,000-square-foot addition was added for more space, but also intentionally positioned to be seen across campus.

“We wanted the addition to actually be a bit of a signature for the campus so we wanted it to look really, really nice,” he said.

The addition will face the inner areas of the campus for students to see as they’re walking from class to class.

“That’s going to be a pretty nice view,” he said.