Reed Details Workforce Plans With New Legislation

P-J file photo by Jordan Patterson

Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, announced the Helping Americans Succeed by Measuring Outcomes Act, a piece of legislation that is aimed at helping people leave welfare for jobs that didn’t exist before the 21st century.

“We have a booming economy as we speak across America,” Reed said during his weekly conference call with reporters.

As part of the JOBS for Success Act, the Helping Americans Succeed by Measuring Outcomes Act is intended to help people move up the economic ladder. Reed noted that the national economy is “booming” and that he wants to fill in jobs that are skill-based but do not necessarily need college degrees. His newly introduced act is meant to train people for modern jobs.

“With more than 6.3 million Americans looking for a job compared to the 6.7 million job openings nationwide, it is vitally important we continue to develop our workforce so our economy can continue to grow,” Reed said.

Reed’s office cited one in five working Americans have a job which didn’t exist in 1980. Reed said such change is why so many job openings are currently unfilled and wants to remedy how the public and private sectors have failed to develop training programs.

Reed mentioned that the unemployment situation in the 23rd district has improved overall. To develop the workforce, he suggested an inventory of the jobs and the people who would be open for skill-based training for them.

“I’m very confident that those individuals looking for a job will find a job,” Reed said.

In other news, Reed responded to the comments made by Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week that America “was never that great,” a statement Cuomo insisted was about ensuring the equality of all American people in the future. It had also served as a commentary on President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“America is great,” Reed said. “Fundamentally at its core, America has been great, will be great and we can always get stronger as we go forward.”

Reed said he believes in the American spirit and thinks Cuomo clarified his comment for it to sound less critical only for political purposes.

“The governor spoke his mind, and he spoke it freely,” Reed said.

Reed continued to say that “America has done more for the world than any country that ever existed on the face of the Earth.”

Elaborating further, Reed suggested the New York governor and potential candidate for the 2020 presidential race is out of touch with the core of America. He highlighted Cuomo’s comment as “disappointing” and “troublesome.”

Reed also commented on the president’s incoming regulations on coal-burning emissions and hopes it leaves room for his “all of the above” energy policy that utilizes fossil fuel-powered resources during the transition to more renewable energies like wind and solar. Reed also said he hopes the regulations consider the environment, but not at the expense of the workforce.

“I’m hoping the regulations that come out of this are reasonable,” Reed said.