Defying The Odds, Scheira Records 2 Holes-In-One

Pete Scheira’s original plan for Tuesday evening was to mow the lawn at his home on Jamestown’s west side.

But after what happened earlier in the day, he was more than happy to exchange the date with the mower for a celebratory dinner with his wife, June.

And, boy, did they have plenty to celebrate.

Playing in the weekly Ladies Day outing at Moon Brook Country Club yesterday morning, June recorded not one, but two, holes-in-one in the same round, acing the 147-yard eighth hole and the 128-yard 17th.

For some perspective, the odds of a golfer performing such a feat — according to the National Hole-in-One Registry — is in the range of 67 million to 1.

Moon Brook CC pro Mike Kaye begs to differ.

“I think it’s more than that,” he said, “because it’s about 12,000 to 1 for an amateur (to record one ace). … My math (for two in the same round) says 144 million to 1.”

However you crunch the numbers, June, 64, finds herself in some rarified air.

“I’ve never been at a course where it’s happened, and I’ve never been near a course where it’s happened,” Kaye said.

“But I’ve read stories about it.”

Now the folks at the country club on North Main Street in Jamestown — most notably June and playing partners Sally Scalise, Robin Michos and Sara Weinstein — have a story all of their own.

“It was a shotgun start,” June said of the Ladies Day event, which began at 9 a.m. “Our first hole was No. 8. I hit first (and used a 5-iron). … Because there was dew all over, none of the others saw it. None of them. But I was watching very carefully, because it was hard to see. The ball bounced once and it was just tracking to the pin. I said, “You guys, it’s going in.'”

Although Scalise, Michos and Weinstein never saw the Titleist ProV1 drop into the cup, June’s accomplishment was confirmed when the foursome arrived at the green.

“I was pretty calm, but Sally was going bananas,” said June, who plays with Callaway clubs.

There was more of that to come.

But, first, June had to let her husband, who was at work, know of her feat. Pete didn’t see the text right away, however. In fact, it wasn’t until he was headed to Moon Brook CC for a meeting with Kaye and Howard Ellis, the head greens superintendent, that he became aware of ace No. 1.

Then, as the men were discussing a course maintenance issue, Kaye received a text of his own. Upon reading it, Kaye turned to Pete and Howard and said, “You’re not going to believe it.”

June had ace No. 2, her second hole-in-one in the span of nine holes, this time using a 6-iron on the uphill 17th.

“It went right at the hole,” she said. “It took one bounce. (Scalise, Michos and Weinstein) all thought it was behind the pin, because they didn’t see it, but it dropped in.

“It was unbelievable. I hit two really good shots.”

Hitting good shots has been the norm this year for June, who also won the Moon Brook CC Women’s Club Championship two weeks ago. Interestingly, she never picked up a golf club until she was 50. Fourteen years later, she’s made history.

“I had about 70 players play after June (on Tuesday) … and that was the talk of the club,” Kaye said. “All the conversation was, ‘Is that true? Good for June.’ It’s an amazing accomplishment.”

June, a 20-handicap who plays three days a week, finished the round with a 92, which is eight strokes off her personal best at Moon Brook CC, but there’s little doubt where this accomplishment ranks in her golfing career.

“It was pretty awesome,” she said.

So awesome that when she arrived at the dining room for a post-round lunch, June received a standing ovation from her golfing peers.

To commemorate the day, the Scheiras were going to join Jon and Sally Scalise for dinner.

The lawn could wait.