Three Properties Slated For Demolition In Lakewood

The house at 3 Gerald Ave. in Lakewood sits vacant and awaits demolition after a transfer of landfill credits to the Chautauqua County Land Bank. Residences at 256 East Terrace Ave≥ and 22 East Summit St. await the same fate. P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

LAKEWOOD — Among new business discussed at Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting, Lakewood village officials decided to approve the transfer of village landfill credits to the Chautauqua County Lank Bank in connection with the planned demolition of three local residences: 3 Gerald Ave., 256 East Terrace Ave. and 22 E. Summit St.

The East Summit Street property was recommended to be demolished first due to its prominent blight if a recommendation was asked for by the county.

Mayor Cara Birrittieri was absent, leaving Trustee Ted McCague as deputy mayor for the evening. He read aloud a statement from Birrittieri, which sought to clarify some aspects of the search for a village manager position.

“Under our plan, there is zero impact on the present budget,” the letter read.

No raise in taxes and a promotion for two village employees were written about in the letter. The village manager position was a potential structure change that was discussed and debated during last month’s meetings.

P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

“This trustee is undeterred by rumor and innuendo,” Birrittieri’s letter said. “In fact, I’m resolved more than ever to continue to ask questions, continue to re-evaluate and continue to seek new well-reasoned ways to create efficiencies, and thereby ensure the long-term sustainability of the village of Lakewood.”

In other meeting news, the need to set a time and date for a public hearing discussing the site plan review for the redevelopment of the former Bagel Company property at 347 E. Fairmount Ave. was tabled.

In the future, a Metro Mattress Discount Sleep Superstore is planned to take the place of the current empty lot.

An agreement with the state Energy Research and Development Authority was approved to replace 396 street lighting fixtures with LED fixtures, thereby implementing clean energy technologies. Energy efficient technologies are also set to be introduced in buildings at 20 West Summit St., 2 Packard Ave. and 6 Packard Ave.

Residents also voiced their concerns about local summer-related events. During the police chief’s report, complaints were made regarding last week’s Fourth of July fireworks, some of which were said to have landed on rooftops. Chief John Bentley responded by saying that police would be willing to arrest anyone setting off fireworks improperly as long as a complaint is signed.

One resident remembered days when the Lakewood Beach received more visitors than it does today and suggested a revitalization plan, featuring a new one-lane road with diagonal parking, planted trees for shade, picnic tables and restored dock. His suggestions are to be brought up at today’s first parks and recreation committee meeting.