Lakewood Teen To Appear On ‘The Price Is Right’ Today

Mikayla Johnson, center, poses for a picture with her sister, Morgan, and mom, Lisa, in front of a green screen during a trip to Hollywood, Calif. Johnson will appear today on the television game show "The Price is Right." Submitted photo

LAKEWOOD — Mikayla Johnson is set to walk across the stage when she graduates from Southwestern Central School on Friday at the Reg Lena Center For the Arts. Before that happens, though, the country will see her walk onto the set of “The Price is Right.”

The Lakewood native will appear on the long-running game show today, the latest in a family that has made a habit of appearing on television game shows. The episode was taped in March in Hollywood, Calif., just after Johnson turned 18 years old with her mom, Lisa, and sister, Morgan at her side.

The trio flew to California for two days in hopes of being on the show. Johnson said she was interview by the show’s staff while waiting in line to get in and had a good feeling about her chances of being selected.

“I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen,” Johnson said. “After my interview I felt pretty confident.”

“The Price is Right” has been a staple of late-morning television for more than 40 years with more than 8,000 episodes. The premise of the show — formerly with the iconic Bob Barker and currently Drew Carey as host — involves contestants correctly guessing the prices of various products to win cash and prizes.

Johnson said she can’t say what happened once she was selected in an audience of about 300 people to be on the show, but noted she didn’t walk away empty handed. She said meeting Carey was one of the many highlights from the day.

“He was just so nice,” Johnson said. “During commercial breaks he would talk to all of us and make jokes.”

Like many hopeful contestants, Johnson was sure to wear a shirt that would stand out on TV. Her shirt read: “Dear Principal: Please excuse Mikayla for being absent. She was at The Price is Right.” Johnson said Carey signed the shirt, adding to the entire experience.

What’s more, Johnson is just latest in her family to appear on the game show. Her brother, Michael, appeared in November 2013 when he won a 2014 Lexus sedan. The family was there in hopes of getting Johnson’s grandmother, MaryAnn, on the show to celebrate her 80th birthday. While she wasn’t selected at the time, she did appear later on during another visit to California.

Johnson’s mom, Lisa, and sister, Morgan also have appeared on TV game shows, including “Let’s Make a Deal.”

“They call my mom the stalker,” Johnson joked about the show’s production staff on her mom as most of her immediate family has managed to be a contestant. “They know her so well she has been out there so many times.”

Lisa Johnson said she was excited to see her daughter make it onto the show. She said standing out in the interview was important to appealing to production staff.

“We try to be energetic,” Lisa Johnson said. “They want to see that you understand the show and can talk clearly.”

She noted that watching and playing games has always been a family tradition. “Our family always loves them,” she said.

Johnson said she hasn’t seen today’s episode, which will appear on CBS at 11 a.m. “I don’t know how it’s going to look. … It’s crazy. It was such a good experience.”

After graduation, Johnson will attend the State University at Fredonia where she plans to double major in math and dance.