Lakewood Approves Sign Variance

The Lakewood Zoning Board of Appeals approved Thursday a variance for a 9-foot-tall Urgent Care/Aspen Dental monument sign in front of the incoming storefront.

The sign required a variance approval because it exceeded the village’s regulation of having only two signs per storefront. The property soon to house Aspen Dental/Urgent Care was approved for additional sign variances on the actual building in November as well.

Construction is currently underway for the East Fairmount Avenue property.

Bridgette Shoemaker, representative for AJ Signs, was present during the meeting to explain the need for an additional sign. She explained that the new sign in the front of the property is needed to notify customers where the actual parking lot is located for the property.

“The reason they were hoping to do this monument sign with the standard 15-foot setback is so that (customers) have adequate time from East Fairmount Avenue to recognize this is the Urgent Care building from either direction before you get in front of it so you can slow down and stop safely,” Shoemaker said.

“You’re going to need as much time as you can to slow down properly to take that turn in and out of that parking lot,” she continued.

The board agreed the sign was needed and approved the variance to allow AJ Signs to include an additional sign on the front of the property.

With the approved variance Aspen Dental now has three signs and Urgent Care has four.