Local Businesses Move Along In Face Of Bridge Construction

Construction on the South Main Street Bridge and West Fourth Street has had an impact on some local businesses, though not all. Construction on the bridge, which closed Main Street, will be completed by the fall. P-J photo by Eric Zavinski

South Main Street Bridge construction and work on West Fourth Street has changed the way traffic flows to and from downtown Jamestown.

One way or another, local businessess have taken notice.

Keith Gowan of DJ’s Ebay Getaway said last week business is “extremely slow” since construction began. However, he and owner Devon Hanby are thankful the bridge rehabilitation project is underway.

“We’re glad to see they are working on it,” Gowan said.

Josh Vogle, a bartender at The Pub on North Main Street, said the regulars find their business regardless of the construction.

“I guess (the bridge construction) is a hindrance,” said Vogle, but noted that he had not felt said hindrance personally.

The stance of the Lander’s Men’s Store is that their business has not been affected much. Owner Ann Powers is confident that because Lander’s is a retail location, business is likely to continue unharmed.

“(The construction) hasn’t really hurt us,” Powers said. “I think it is hurting the restaurants.”

Dawn Constantine of The Cherry Lounge said her business has been unaffected, however. She says her location helps out being further up from the construction.

The bridge project is anticipated for completion by the time construction season ends next fall.