New Online City Pothole Reporting Available

There is a new way to report a pothole on a city street.

On Monday, Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, during a Jamestown City Council work session meeting announced that the city has a new online pothole reporting format available on its website — The “Report Existing Potholes” icon is on the city website’s homepage. Once you click the icon, it will provide you the email address link for the Public Works Department so you can report the pothole.

People are asked to provide the specific location of the pothole by indicating the address, cross streets and nearby landmarks. Pothole reporters will also be asked to include their own name, street address and contact information. People can also include a photo attachment of the pothole in the email as well.

Teresi said the new, 24/7 reporting tool will make reporting potholes easier. He said Public Works Department crews will respond to fix the pothole as soon as they can. He added that the city has a crew dedicated to fixing potholes in the city.

Unfortunately, because temperatures are still around freezing and there is snow on the ground, city crews will only be able to apply the temporary cold patch. Teresi said once the hot asphalt manufacturing facility is open, which usually occurs in the middle of April, city highway crews will be able to fix the pothole permanently.

“We’re asking folks to be patient,” Teresi said.

For those who still want to contact the Public Works Department by phone, call 483-7545 to report a pothole.

In other council business, Teresi announced the arbitration hearing between the city of Jamestown and the Kendall Club Police Benevolent Association has been rescheduled for April 12-13.

The arbitration hearing was originally scheduled for Feb. 12-13, but was postponed indefinitely with no officials reason given for the delay. The originally scheduled three-member arbitration panel included independent arbitrator Howard Foster. According to the University at Buffalo website, Foster is a professor emeritus for the School of Management organization and human resources department who has arbitrated more than 800 labor-management disputes. Todd Thomas, city clerk and administrative services manager, was slated to represent the city and John Crotty was scheduled to represent the police union on the arbitration panel.

Since the start of 2016, the Jamestown Police Department employee bargaining unit has been without a new contract with the city. Once the arbitration hearing starts, the panel will be making a decision on the two years, 2016-17, there was no contract between the city and police union.