Lincoln Elementary Kicks Of Reading Program

Lincoln Elementary School hosted its Pick A Reading Partner (PARP) kick-off assembly on Thursday. Teachers and staff members participated in a reading-themed skit that showcased several different characters from familiar children’s stories. P-J photos by Jordan W. Patterson

Fairy tale characters swarmed the auditorium inside Lincoln Elementary School in association with the kick-off to the Pick A Reading Partner event.

PARP encourages young students to focus on reading at a specific point in the year. The PARP assembly, with the theme of “Reading is Magical” featured staff and teachers dressing up as famous characters from children’s books such as “Harry Potter,” “Captain Underpants,” “Beauty and the Beast” and many others. During the skit, written by Britta Livengood, fourth-grade teacher, the ensemble of various fairy tale characters came to life on stage before the students gathered in attendance.

Coordinators of Lincoln’s PARP program, Laura Burstrom, second-grade teacher, and Britany Emley, reading specialist, talked about the importance of presenting reading in an exciting way to the students.

“We love to get energetic about reading at Lincoln,” Emley said.

The PARP event takes students on a three-week-long journey that requires them to pick a partner at home who will help them read five nights a week.

“Everyone knows that a habit takes 21 days to form, so hopefully if they read five nights a week for three weeks that habit will be formed and the child and the parents will realize the importance of reading and how it can help their child through school and life,” Emley said.

Emley and Burstrom took part in the sketch presented to the elementary students who were dressed up as Eeyore from “Winnie-The-Pooh” and Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus,” respectively. The reading period also features numerous in-school activities.

“(The Assembly) is a good way to kick off PARP to get the kids exciting about what’s coming and get excited about reading at home for the three weeks of PARP,” Burstrom said.

The in-school activities include a family literacy night where families are encouraged to participate in activities in the gymnasium, a door decoration for each class, a book swap among students, a closing assembly featuring a magician at the end of March and a schoolwide hunt for the characters around the building that were featured in the assembly on Thursday. Lincoln also has video announcments every morning and during the PARP period teachers dressed as different characters will share information of their story to the students throughout the month of March.

“Kids love PARP,” Emley said.

“PARP is the best time of year at Lincoln school,” Burstrom responded.