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Annual Doors Open Jamestown Provides Window To City

The Lucy-Desi Museum, the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts and the Prendergast Library, among many other businesses and organizations, participated in Doors Open Jamestown on Saturday. The event allowed businesses and groups to welcome patrons with discounts or free tours. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

All around the city doors were wide open Saturday in an event where the community was welcomed free of charge or at reduced prices to enter various businesses around Jamestown.

More than 60 businesses and organizations participated in the annual Open Doors Jamestown. Several businesses and groups took the opportunity to bring awareness to upcoming events and current programs being offered. Additionally, a $10 purchase at any participating location allowed customers to be entered into a raffle that included a stay at the local Hilton Doubletree hotel.

The James Prendergast Library promoted its Makerspace room that focuses on STEM programs and film projects for children and adults.

Typically, the Makerspace room is not open on Saturday’s because of staffing, but for Doors Open Jamestown the room was made available for the public to check out. The library also promoted its year-round book sale and film festival that ends Jan. 31. The book sale offers books for $2 or less ranging from adult hard cover books to papers back and children’s books.

Tina Scott, director of James Prendergast Library, said the Makerspace room is great because kids can be “hands-on” with learning as opposed to only reading. On top of promoting the book sale and the Makerspace room, the library recently began displaying oil paintings of the Prendergast family that had been stored away.

Several artist renditions of the National Comedy Center were displayed Saturday as part of Doors Open Jamestown in the city. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

The paintings and several actual photos on display showcase members of the Prendergast family in the Fireplace room upstairs in the library.

“I do think when people come during Doors Open we do get more traffic. It helps,” Scott said.

Scott said people tend to visit the downtown attractions earlier in the day before heading up to the library during Doors Open Jamestown.

In the downtown area, the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts was still undergoing construction on Saturday but still opened up its side door on Spring Street to welcome the community. Those interested could get a taste of the theater as an orchestra practice was going on and art was on display from Karen and Cam Glosser. Len Barry, director of marketing and communications, spoke highly of the event and noted that it allowed the community to be informed about upcoming events. Barry said the construction will be completed by September.

“It’s something we’ve been participating in several years, for as long as I’ve been working here,” Barry said. “It’s a good day for everybody to come out from the community to check things out. They might not have another opportunity to do (so).”

The entrance of the Jamestown Prendergast Library pictured Saturday during “Doors Open Jamestown.” More than 60 businesses and organizations took part in the annual event. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

Barry noted that because the theater is a ticket-based operation and different from a museum, Doors Open Jamestown is a good opportunity to see the theater when it isn’t busy during a performance.

“We don’t often have the time to give tours during out actual events,” he said.

Over on Third Street, the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum was among many other venues and businesses who opened its doors to the public for free. The museum was available for everyone showcasing some of Jamestown’s history. Also, a room that is dedicated to information on the new National Comedy Center was open. Malachi Livermore, director of operations, said the center should be open by August and a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Aug. 1.

Livermoore said the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum is a “hidden gem” in Jamestown that many local residents might not really know about. He said while the Lucille Ball Comedy Fest is a highly attended and well known event, the museum might not be as well known.

“Doors Open Jamestown has been a great asset to allow visitors to come through this attraction and see it for free,” Livermore said.

Inside the museum, Livermore and staff had the opportunity to explain what the National Comedy Center actually is about.

“Many think it’s a comedy hall of fame, many think it’s a theater,” he said. “It’s really a first attraction out there that is based on your sense of humor and the entire attraction caters the experience to your sense of humor and what you like, so it’s a great opportunity to get people excited about the forthcoming comedy center opening up in August.”

In total, 64 businesses participated in Doors Open Jamestown.