‘Keep The Music Going’

Owners Of The Q, Mojo’s Looking To Sell City Businesses

Three businesses in downtown Jamestown, The Q at 104 W. Second St.; Mojo’s Music Bar at 104 E. Second St.; and Miley’s Old Inn at 845 E. Second St., are currently for sale.

The outset of 2018 now includes the addition of three Jamestown watering holes, all along the same strip of road, to the local commercial real estate listings.

Currently, The Q — located at 104 W. Second St. — and Mojo’s Music Bar — located at 104 E. Second St. — are listed for sale by their respective owners, though the bars will remain open in the meantime. Additionally, Miley’s Old Inn, located at 845 E. Second St., which recently closed, is also for sale.

Justin Lindell, owner of The Q, said in a Facebook post he is selling his business for $75,000. He said the sale includes a 3,700 square foot bar area and more than $70,000 worth of assets and equipment in the form of lighting and sound equipment, pool tables, fryers, bar stools, glassware silverware and more, he said.

“I’ve never been one to go with the flow, but it may be time,” Lindell said in his post. “I’ve always made my own path and stuck to it, but now I follow the pact and offer an amazing opportunity to someone else.”

Lindell told The Post-Journal that he has become involved in new business ventures during the 10 years since he opened The Q in 2008, and he said it’s time to pursue those avenues.

P-J photos by Gavin Paterniti

“It’s time for a young entrepreneur to come in with a vision and goal, to take the torch and do something great and maybe bring another Brazil or Pub or Shawbucks to the downtown area,” he said. “This is the entrepreneur opportunity of a lifetime. There are not any other businesses listed right now that I know of where you can pay your investment off in less than one year from the profits alone, but with this one you can. I am willing to open my books and show all bills, profits and potential.”

Lindell said any interested parties can contact him with questions by calling his cell phone at 969-1422 or messaging him on Facebook.

Missy Taylor, owner of Mojo’s, has similar reasons for selling.

“It’s not that I don’t love Mojo’s, it’s just time to move on,” she said. “Business has been very slow compared to what it used to be, unfortunately. My hope is that, if I am able to sell, whoever takes over will keep the music going and they can succeed with that.”

Until recently Mojo’s had been a hotspot for local bands and music lovers, and had developed a reputation as being one of the few remaining performance venues for original music. Recent temporary closures due to late quarterly sales tax payments for two consecutive years contributed to a bit of disruption in the steady business it had been doing.

In addition to the 1,760-square-foot bar area, Taylor is also putting up the remainder of the 5,280-square-foot building situated at 104 E. Second St. The listing is for $159,900 and can be found at c21turnerbrokers.com.

These developments were also presented by Lindell alongside the recent closure of Miley’s Old Inn, 845 E. Second St. in Jamestown. That 2,100-square-foot bar is for sale at a list price of $269,900 and can be found via realtytrac.com.