Hunting Tragedy Case Adjourned Until Feb. 9

Thomas Jadlowski

MAYVILLE — Court proceedings for a Sherman man who shot and killed Rosemary “Rosie” Billquist while hunting last year were adjourned until Feb. 9.

On Nov. 22, Thomas Jadlowski allegedly shot and killed Billquist when he mistook her for a deer during last year’s hunting season.

Jadlowski was set to appear in court Monday, but court proceedings were adjourned until February when a private conference will be held.

The adjournment took place after the omnibus motion was filed by Michael Cerrie, the defense attorney representing Jadlowski. The motion is a part of typical court procedure involving a felony and ensures certain liberties to the defendant.

“At this point, we’re sticking with the comment we provided to (the media),” Cerrie told The Post-Journal.

The comment Cerrie referred to from December offered condolences to the Billquist family on behalf of Jadlowski and called the shooting a “tragic situation.”

“On behalf of my client, Tom Jadlowski, I want to extend our condolences to Mr. Jamie Billquist, and his family and friends,” he said in December.

“This is a tragic situation. Mrs. Billquist was a shining star in our community, and she will clearly be greatly missed.”

“This tragic event will certainly alter the lives of her family and friends, as it will for my client and his family,” he continued.

“At this time, we will not be answering any further questions, until we have a chance to review the discovery material that will be provided by the Chautauqua District Attorneys’ Office.”

According to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office, Jadlowski allegedly mistakenly fired his pistol at Billquist, who was walking her dogs near her home on Armenian Road in Sherman, about a half-hour after sunset. Hunting after sunset is strictly prohibited by New York state law.

After hearing screams from Billquist, Jadlowski called 9-1-1, applied pressure to the wound and waited for emergency services to arrive.

Billquist was taken to an Erie, Pa., hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Jadlowski cooperated with law enforcement and will be in court on Feb. 9.