Complete List Of Tellinhuisen-Lanphere Family Members Who Served

Civil War: Asa Clark Lanphere, New York Volunteers; Chauncy Motimer Trask, New York Volunteers;

Spanish-American War: Alta Elizabeth DeBell, served as a nurse.

World War I: Rudolph Karl Sturzenbecker, US Army 126 Infantry; John Johnson Tellinghuisen, US Army 1918-1919

World War II: Vernon Lynn Carver, US Army, Gordon Edward Engberg, US Navy; Clarence James Lanphere US Army 1943-1946 82nd Airborne E Company; John Windfield Lanphere, Jr., US Army 1941-1943; US Army 1941-1943; Stewart Clark Lanphere, US Army 1943-1945; Walter Franklin Price Jr., US Navy; Merlin R. Ross, US Army PFC; Fred C. Sturzenbecker, US Army Air Corps, 1943-1946; Gerald A. Tellinghuisen US Marine Corps CPL 3rd Battalion 29th Marine 6th Division 1941-1944; Oscar Alfred Tellinghuisen, US Air Force 1942-1946;

WWII and Korean War: Rudolph Raymond Tellinghuisen, US Navy S-6; Fred Alton Walrod, US Army and US Air Force; Lorren Everett Walrod, US Coast Guard, US Army, US Airforce.

Korean War: Sherman Ray Walrod, US Air Force, 1952-1956; Albert Francis LaRusch, US Navy 1950-1954; Robert Francis Galuppo; Robert J. Propheter; William E. Spence, US Navy; Edwards A. Tellinghuisen, US Army PFC Infantry 1950-1952; Junior Adolph Tellinghuisen, US Army CPL; Marvin Wayne Tellinghuisen US Army Cpl.; Arnold D. Tellinghuisen.

Korean War and Vietnam War: Raymond Arthur Wick, US Navy; Edward DeBelt Tellinghuisen, US Air Force SSGT; Richard H. Tellinghuisen.

Vietnam War: Harold Allen Lanphere, US Army S-5 1969-1971; James Stewart Lanphere, US Marine Corps E-4 1961-1967; Gary Burnell Ross, US Air Force 2nd Lt. 1976-1982; James C. Burdick, US Air Force, 1965-2001; Gordon E. Lanphere, US Army 1966-1968 SG-E-5; William Alton McQueen US Army PFC 1960-1962; John E. Bull, US Army SFC 1972-1987; Charles Homer Thompson, US Army; John Arnold Tellinghuisen, US Air Force 1982-88 E-4.

Post-Vietnam/Current: Brandy Lynn (Thompson) Swanson, US Air Force Senior Airman 1994-1998; Stella Lynn (Thompson) Schoenberg, US Air Force; Joseph Schoenberg, US Air Force 1997-current; Aaron Michael Sweatman, US National Guard 2002-2008; Vaughan Michael Sweatman US Air Force, US Army Reserves; Shawn Arthur Sweatman, US Air Force 1984-1985; Jodie Ann Marie Sweatman, US Air Force 2014-2017; Daryl John Tellinghuisen, US Navy EM-2 1993-1997; Meryl DeVere Peru, Army National Guard E-4 2008; Kenneth Lee Caswell, US Air Force 1981-1984; Violetta Tellinghuisen, US Army

Other: Myron Nichols; Robert J. Propheter; Barry Propheter; LaVern Johnson; Robert F. Galuppo; Jeffrey Galuppo