Borrello Eyes Smooth Transition

The dust from the recent election season settled in the past few days, but George Borrello has not.

Borrello, recently elected the new Chautauqua County executive, presided over the County Legislature’s Planning and Economic Development committee on Wednesday and was again present for the Audit and Control committee on Thursday morning. In between meetings, he provided an overview of what the coming weeks will look like.

The first thing to deal with is putting together a transition team, Borrello said.

“This will be a group of people that will basically be a nice cross-section of people from the private sector that are going to assist me in putting together a plan on how the mechanics of how my administration is going to work,” Borrello said. “Also, (it will be) talking about how we’re going to execute the plans that I proposed as a candidate.”

Borrello said for the next month and a half, there will be a lot of organizing and getting ready. He said already met with County Executive Vince Horrigan, and will attend a meeting with the Department of State in Albany on Monday and Tuesday next week.

“I’m told it’s a shared services meeting where Chautauqua County is going to be featured as one of the leaders in shared services and regional solutions,” Borrello said. “We’re just going to hit the ground running after that, moving into how we’re going to transition from his administration into my administration.”

Borrello will be sworn in and will take over the office on Jan. 1. Before that, he said he will work closely with Horrigan to successfully and smoothly change hands.

Horrigan said he has offered to help with Borrello’s transition plan and will be introducing him to local leaders that he may not be familiar with. He said he will also go over key items that he is working on so they can be monitored during Borrello’s tenure.

Horrigan said he has no concerns in regard to Borrello taking over the helm as he has been highly involved in county issues as a legislator.

“He’s very well informed,” he said. “I look forward to working with him to make sure it will be a seamless transition that will keep Chautauqua County moving in the right direction. I feel like I’m leaving the county in very good hands.”

Borrello said his plan for his first official day in office will be to start his “100 Businesses in 100 Days” visit program, which he often referenced during his campaign.

“That’ll be part of the first day,” he said.

When it comes to those who didn’t vote for him, Borrello said the campaign is over and there has been a strong history of being nonpartisan in the legislature and doing what is best for the people. He said that will be a template for his administration.

“Part of the good government we have here in Chautauqua County is that we are not partisan,” he said. “We are truly concerned about what we can do to improve things in Chautauqua County and that will certainly be how I will lead as the county executive.”