Rally To Recover Jamestown Event Applications Denied

Citing a concern for public safety, the Jamestown City Council Public Safety Committee has denied the event application for the Rally To Recover Jamestown.

On Monday, Maria Jones, Ward 5 councilwoman and Public Safety Committee chairwoman, said the event application has created public safety concerns. She said the event application submitted to city officials calls for the musical affair to take place at the Goranson Bandshell in Allen Park on Sept. 23 from 1-11 p.m., with the expectation of 500 people attending the event.

Jones cited that one public safety concern is the park closes at 9 p.m. Another issue includes the need for police to help with parking if 500 people would be attending the event.

Gregory Rabb, City Council president, suggested that the event organizers, Chanda Germain and Adrian Smith-Madden, look at renting the Allen Park Ice Rink for the Rally To Recover Jamestown. He said the council supports what they are trying to do, which is host a recovery event meant to help combat addiction, but there are numerous safety issues if they have the musical event at the bandshell after dark in a residential neighborhood.

Julia Ciesla-Hanley, city recreation coordinator, said it would cost $650 to lease the Allen Park Ice Rink for three days, plus there is a $500 security deposit. Marie Carrubba, Ward 4 councilwoman, said they could possibly get sponsorship help from other community organizations to help pay for the ice rink. Smith-Madden said they have had trouble gaining support for the event in the community.

Victoria James, Ward 3 councilwoman, said the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation provides small loans of around $2,000 to help people with organizing community events. She said perhaps Germain and Smith-Madden could contact the Community Foundation to help with paying the lease fees for the ice rink.

Jones said they could not approve the application as is, but invited Germain and Smith-Madden back to the Public Safety Committee meeting if they make the necessary changes for the event. The Public Safety Committee is scheduled to meet again Monday.