Artone, Special Spaces Create New Room For Lakewood Girl

A Butterfly Mural is painted in room of Lakewood resident Suzannah Goins. The room was renovated with the help of Special Spaces Buffalo and Artone. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

LAKEWOOD — Suzannah Goins was in for a surprise when she returned home Saturday evening.

Artone LLC of Jamestown and Special Spaces Buffalo, a group that helps build “dream bedrooms” for children with illnesses, collaborated for the second time to make a child’s life a little bit easier.

Goins, 14, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Gastroparesis earlier in life, needed an upgrades to her assisted living bedroom at her home in Lakewood.

Tom Quinn, volunteer and one of multiple directors, was outside helping put finishing touches of Goins room when talked about Special Spaces Buffalo on Saturday. “We’ve done at least 50 bedroom makeovers in the last five years,” Quinn said.

Quin recalled meeting with Goins and her mother Tammi Hollingsworth in the summer. After that process, Special Spaces Buffalo seeks out a sponsor and plans out the purchases that are going to be made for the bedroom.

The scene in Lakewood on Saturday as the room of Suzannah Goins is worked on by volunteers. P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

The actual renovation process only takes a full day. The “Dream Team” as Lynn Wall, director and Founder of Special Spaces Buffalo, calls her design team, showed up early in the morning and worked through the evening until the project was done.

Usually, Special Spaces Buffalo lets the child choose a theme for their new room. In this case, because of her conditions, Goins is non-verbal and wasn’t able to choose a theme. Previously, her room had a color scheme of purple and featured butterflies, so the design team expanded on that theme and painted a giant mural on one wall in her room.

Special Spaces Buffalo was on their 59th room makeover. The non-profit and all-volunteer group was created for this sole purpose, to renovate individual’s rooms who are in need. It is funded solely through donations and sponsors.

For Goins’ room, Artone sponsored Special Spaces for the second time and covered all of the cost for the cabinets, desks and the new hospital bed.

Most of the renovations were to make the room simply look better and make the home nurses more accessible to Goins.

Goins’ room was already catered to her needs, but an application was filed to Special Spaces so that more necessary upgrades could be made. Those upgrades included multiple new cabinets, a new desk, new paintings and a new specialized hospital bed.

Normally, room renovations cost up to $3,000, but this renovation in particular went over that average, due to the extent of the upgrades.

“This was a pretty major undertaking,” said Wall, who praised Artone for their help and being Special Spaces’ sponsor for Goins.

“We do anything we can to help the parents,” Wall said.

Artone provided all of the furniture and installed the cabinets, shelves and the desk while the Special Spaces team did the more decorative tasks and painted the giant butterfly mural.

“From the time that we met her, the project has gone very well,” Wall said.

Special Spaces Buffalo has several bedrooms that are being planned for renovations, needless to say, the charitable organization is staying busy.

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